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The Story

Countess Amalia Nani Mocenigo had been told by her doctor to maintain a very strict diet. She was not allowed to eat cooked meat and so, to please her, I thought of thinly slicing a fillet. The meat, by itself, was a bit bland; but there was a very simple sauce I called 'universal', because of its adaptability to meat and fish, of which I put a splash, on the meat.


To honour the painter whom there was a lot of talk of in Venice that year, due to the exhibition, and also because the colour of the dish, which recalled the shade of the artist's red, I called it 'Carpaccio'. Inventions always come by chance.



The Original Bellini

In 1948 Giuseppe Cipriani, inspired by Venetian painter Giovanni Bellini, concocted a pink fruity drink pureeing those small white peaches that he loved so much. Little did he know the impact it would make on the world of cocktails, becoming so popular that it is still sipped today.

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