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SINCE 1931

Restaurants & Lounges

SINCE 1931

Cipriani’s Promise

Cipriani restaurants offer a simple, elegant environment with two essential features: the customer must not feel oppressed by the décor and there has to be light. We only use the finest, purest ingredients and we do the simple things perfectly.



To Serve is to Love

In 2001, Harry’s Bar was declared a national landmark by the Ministry of Cultural Affairs. As a place of national interest for its pivotal role in twentieth-century Venice, it is the only establishment in Italy to have received such an accolade in the last 100 years.


Brunch in

Located on the south side of the Miami river in Downtown northern Financial District, the restaurant offers panoramic views of Biscayne Bay and a chic nautical aesthetic inspired by the waterfront setting.


Socialista: The quintessential Caribbean playground







Inspired by the eclectic architecture of old Havana, the diverse interior combines colonial European influences with 20th century modernism. The design features French antiques and plantation style rattan furniture, covered in rich velvets and brocades, resembling a stately home that has stood still in Cuban History. A tribute to the Caribbean island’s rich cocktail history, the menu offers a mix of quintessential Cuban drinks and Socialista signatures.

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