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SINCE 1931

Events & Catering

Throughout the years, Cipriani has become a leader in the event business, acquiring
a portfolio of exquisite historic buildings, adding elegant spaces to its locations around the world and offering the Cipriani experience at guests’ desired locations. From glamorous social events, galas and corporate affairs to more intimate
celebrations we create longstanding memories.


Cipriani Landmark Collection

The Cipriani landmark collection includes Cipriani 42nd Street, Cipriani 55 Wall Street, Cipriani 25 Broadway and Cipriani South Street. Each one of them, with its unique features and rich history, is transformed into the perfect setting for elegant, social, non-profit or corporate events of all kinds, blending

old-world splendor with modernity and showcasing the best of a four-generation tradition of cuisine, service and hospitality.



Catering Venice by
Harry's Bar

If you have decided on Venice or another beautiful location throughout Europe as the setting for a very special event, social or corporate, it will be our pleasure to assist you in every detail. Complete your event with our timeless Harry's Bar menu, our four-generation tradition of service, and all the other components that will make the atmosphere a wonderful memory for years to come.
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